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Haight Street Stories (the comic book)

the authors

Ant The Ant

The Ant was born in Okinawa in 1961. Ant is NOT his real name, he claims Okinawa is NOT Japan and that's NOT his real date of birth. He has resided in San Francisco since 1980. After being briefly homeless, from 1993 to '95, Ant was inspired to create and market his own brand of sick and twisted underground comix.

On stage Ant practices a traditional Japanese art form called Kami Shibai. You may see him perform comedy at Brainwash and The Mock, two San Francisco venues.

Ant's image appears at least once in each of the Haight Street Stories and on the cover (see large cover image). Can you find him?

Ant H. W. Moss

Harry W. Moss was born in Riverside, CA, on August 4, 1947, darn near one of the first Baby Boomers. Graduated Long Beach State, B. A. English Literature, 1970; M. B. A. San Francisco State, 1988. He successfully avoided marriage and the military.

Over the course of his writing career Moss has sold more than 300 pieces of journalism to daily papers, including the L. A. Times, the Denver Post and the Boston Globe, monthlies, such as Thrasher Magazine, and his twice monthly real estate column appeared for more than ten years in The Inter-City Express. He has written five complete novels and numerous short stories -- all of which are in search of an agent.

Moss wants the reader to know that each of these Haight Street Stories has a basis in truth: They happened to someone he knows. One was told to him by a former girlfriend, another by the son of an old friend in Olympia, WA, and the last by a loan broker over a beer one evening in a bar on Union Street that is long since closed.

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