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Haight Street: Origin of the name

Haight Street at Masonic Haight Street was named after one of the following: Henry Huntly Haight (1825-1878), Governor from 1867-71, who signed legislation creating Golden Gate Park. The attribution of his name to the street comes from Randolph Delehanty's San Francisco -- the Ultimate Guide (1989). Henry Huntly is historian Gladys Hansen's personal choice for who the street was named after.

However, according to the Municipal Record, March 16, 1916, page 87, the street was named for Fletcher Haight, a prominent lawyer and later U.S. District Judge. Fletcher died in 1866.

Then there is Henry Haight, Fletcher's brother, who was instrumental in founding the Protestant Orphanage and gave land to it. According to E. G. Fitzhamon's "The Streets of San Francisco," a collection of San Francisco Chronicle newspaper articles written between 1928 and 1929 and the source for Lewis Lowenstein's attribution of the origin of the name in his book, Streets of San Francisco (Lexikos Press), this is the fellow who gave his name to the street.
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